Maintenance - January 28

On the 28th of January 2021, starting from 8:00 CET (27th of January, 11 PM PST), the server will not be available for 5 hours due to the application of Update 0.34.7675

List of Update 0.34.7675 Changes

PvE Changes

In this update, we’re introducing a number of changes to the PvE modes that are available in the game:

  • Added 35 wheeled vehicles to the AI pool (learn more)
  • Added 34 tracked vehicles to the AI pool (learn more)
  • Significantly changed the pool of potential Lieutenant and standard AI vehicles (learn more)
  • Lieutenant AI vehicles can now deploy smoke

We have removed the delay between the moment you get spotted and the appearance of the eye indicator in PvE modes. That way, you will always know instantly whenever you become spotted by an AI opponent.

We have also updated the AI vehicle reaction mechanism in order to reduce various unpopular AI “snap shot” situations where AI vehicles target and fire at you the moment you are spotted. However, the same AI vehicles will now remember where you are for a longer period of time.

General Changes

  • The game now remembers whether you opened or closed various Visual Customization UI categories and keeps them that way
  • PvP loading screen minimaps now feature the location of spawning positions
  • Fixed several smaller visual model issues
  • Added several new assets for future events
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