Maintenance - December 27

On the 27th of December 2017, starting from 7:00 CET (26th of December, 10 PM PST), the Open Beta servers will not be available for 4 hours due to the application of Update 0.23.4343


List of Update 0.23.4343 Changes

Commander Progression Reset

Due to the commander skill changes introduced in Update 0.23, we are resetting commander skills for all players for free. Additionally, Rank 10 to 15 Commanders will reset to Rank 10 with their Commander Experience saved - they can immediately be promoted again.

Important Changes and Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused client settings to reset every time the client is launched
  • Fixed the T-62 Veteran bug that caused it to appear as both Premium and Battle-Hardened and allowed players to sell it for an incorrect amount of Credits (the vehicle will be activated with the launch of this update)
  • Fixed a bug where platoons (including five player ones) had to wait for an excessively long time in the matchmaking queue before being able to Special Operations
  • Fixed a bug where platoons could not enter Special Operations correctly if one of the members wasn’t specifically on the same Special Operations stage as the others
  • Fixed a bug where the Battle button became unavailable for the entire PvE mode if a platoon attempted to enter a Special Operation with one of the platoon’s players not having it available
  • Fixed a bug that caused the game to disable any input (mouse, keyboard) if players attempted to send a chat message at the end of a match but did not send it
  • Fixed a bug that caused commanders to appear having received less Experience than the vehicle (an UI issue)
  • Fixed a number of issues causing the client to crash

Vehicle Changes

  • Fixed the incorrect 105mm M393A3 HESH shell penetration for Stingray 2 Shark, XM8 and Centauro 105 (increased from 295 to 315)
  • Fixed the bugged FV721 Fox Shark smoke grenade launchers (instead of the upgraded ones, the vehicle had stock ones)
  • Fixed the bugged Leopard 1 smoke grenade launcher textures
  • Improved the gun depression of Object 640 to -8 degrees (frontal), -5 degrees (sides) and -4 degrees (rear)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the upgraded T-72 APFSDS shell to have different accuracy than an analogical shell on premium vehicles
  • Fixed the frontal part of the upgraded C1 Ariete armor
  • Fixed the UI parameters of Type 62 armor
  • Fixed a bug that caused the T-72A acceleration, agility and turret traverse to be different from the premium versions of the same vehicle
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Challenger 1 and Challenger 1 Wolf MBTs to have different engine parameters
  • Fixed the incorrect APFSDS icons for Chieftain 900
  • Fixed a T-62 Veteran bug that caused Battalion decals to appear on wheels instead of their correct place
  • Fixed the missing stronk Soviet log on T-72 Victory
  • Fixed the black textures on M1A1 Abrams
  • Fixed the bugged Type 79 model that did not appear correctly on low detail settings

Other Changes

  • Fixed a bug where the AI enemies cannot capture the second (island) objective during the third Special Operations mission
  • Fixed the bugged First Victory of the Day bonus that did not reset correctly in some modes
  • Fixed the bugged in-game browser that caused the game to minimize upon loading
  • Fixed the Hollywood Timer achievement tooltip and a bug that caused it to sometimes not be awarded correctly
  • Fixed a bug that caused discount icons to appear under certain circumstances even though no discounts were active
  • Fixed a bug that, if a player earned an Epic Medal, caused the medals to appear as if they were earned by the enemy team
  • Fixed the missing background image on Global Operations loading screen
  • Fixed a bug that caused the borders to disappear on low graphics settings on the Waterway Global Operations map
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Father Frost portrait to disappear in the holiday mode in DE, FR and PL versions of the game
  • Fixed an Interface issue where clicking on any of the Hangar buttons, instead of activating their correct function,
  • Fixed several smaller User Interface issues (windows not displaying correctly etc.)
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