Maintenance - December 13

On the 13th of December 2018, starting from 8:00 CET (12th of December, 11 PM PST), the server will not be available for 4 hours due to the application of Update 0.27.5085.


List of Update 0.27.5085 Changes

Important Changes

  • Fixed several issues that led to a considerable amount of crashes (especially for 32bit clients)
  • Fixed an issue with loading the Reactor map
  • Fixed the issue that led to vehicles being stuck in battles
  • Fixed the issue where some sounds (including Special Operations voiceover) would disappear after being drowned by autocannon sounds
  • Fixed the issue that made the simplified garage appear black only
  • Fixed the bonus values for the automatic loading mechanism modules and reload speed Retrofits to work correctly
  • Added an option to limit your camera movement in the sniper mode to the area allowed by your gun depression and elevation, available in the Settings – Gameplay tab

Missile Vehicle Overhaul

After the recent APS overhaul, we’ve taken a look at how some missile-dependent vehicles perform. In order to make them more viable, we’ve made the following changes to them:

  • Kornet-EM – reduced the time between launches from 1.5s to 1s, reduced the full clip (8 missiles) loading time from 45s to 38s
  • T-15 – reduced the time between launches from 1.5s to 1s, reduced the full clip loading time from 24s to 20s
  • AFT-10 – reduced the time between launches from 2s to 1.2s, reduced the full clip loading time from 36s to 32s

Other Changes

  • Fixed the Sophie Wölfli and Marat Shishkin vehicle pool appearance
  • Fixed the issue where the Shooter medal could only be obtained by one player per battle
  • Fixed the issue where some low-Tier AI vehicles in PvE had more hitpoints than intended
  • T-62 Veteran now has Premium status (the cost of the obtained Battle-Hardened status will be compensated)
  • M1 AGDS – fixed the issue that prevented it from launching ATGMs once the autocannon ammo was depleted
  • Kornet-EM – fixed the issue that caused the aim reticle to be tied to the left launcher only
  • Kornet-EM – the full clip reload time was changed to 38 seconds
  • Object 640 Black Eagle – added the correct income bonus
  • OA-82 Jarmila II – hitpoints changed from 1100 to 1200
  • M113 ACAV – hitpoints changed from 1350 to 1250
  • M1A1 AIM – fixed the UI characteristics to correspond to their real values
  • T-62M – hitpoints changed from 1800 to 1850
  • FV101 Scorpion – hitpoints changed from 1500 to 1400
  • Thunderbolt II Hades – the M829A3 shell now has a 25 percent bonus to the chance to cause a fire
  • Fixed the issue that prevented players from seeing their friend list members when attempting to invite them to a platoon or a Custom Match
  • Fixed the error message that appeared when attempting to install a new Retrofit on a vehicle that already has them full
  • Fixed the Sharpshooter active ability description
  • Fixed an issue where the vehicle could swing its hull for a long time when stopping on an uneven surface
  • Fixed the Assault Squad achievement
  • Fixed an issue where the shells would not appear in the battle UI at all
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