Light Tank Weekend

One of the most challenging classes in Armored Warfare is the Light Tank class.

Light tanks are lighter but more mobile counterparts to MBTs. Where the MBT class is the hammer, light tanks are the daggers that stab into the flanks of their opponents. Their mobility is phenomenal and their firepower equals that of MBTs. Light tanks lack the armor of their heavier brethren, but they are extremely accurate when firing on the move. Being constantly on the move is the key to success when playing with light tanks - especially when driving around the enemy, targeting their weaker sides and rear.

As for the future of Light Tanks in Armored Warfare... here's a taste of things to come...

Tempted to try out Light Tanks in Armored Warfare? You're in luck!

  • From the 12th of February to the 15th of February, all Light Tanks in the game can be purchased with a 30% discount! The discount includes Premium Light Tanks as well.

But that's not all. To make your brand new Light Tank just a little bit more stealthy as well as good looking, the Visual Camouflage was recently introduced to Armored Warfare. Now's your chance to try it out with a discount!

  • From the 12th of February to the 17th of February, Camouflage can be purchased with a 10% discount! The discount includes both temporary and permanent Camouflages.

We hope you will enjoy this event and will be seeing you on the battlefield!

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