Iron Crate Now Available


We’ve prepared for you an additional offer this week. Between April 17 and April 23, 2020, the Iron Crate will be available on MY.GAMES Market.


The mechanics are very simple. This crate allows you to win one of the vehicles listed in its description (or its value in Gold if you have it already). The crate contains some very rare vehicles, including:

  • Altay
  • Object 640
  • Type 99A2-140
  • BM Oplot
  • K1A1
  • Type 90

And more. For a full list, please visit the MY.GAMES Market Iron Crate page.


Please note:

  • This offer is not available to players located in France, the Netherlands and the Kingdom of Belgium
  • The first Iron Crate you obtain will always drop its price in Gold (3.000 Gold) and a MY.GAMES Store sticker for your profile

See you on the battlefield!

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