Introducing the Tier 9 Token System

One of the major features of the upcoming Update 0.11 is the introduction of several Tier 9 vehicles. These vehicles however will not be unlocked using the standard means, but by using a new progression element in Armored Warfare - the Token system.


Each Tier 8 vehicle will have a Tier 9 Token available as a part of its progression. By unlocking the Token, available for reputation just like other vehicle upgrades, the player will get to choose from all the Tier 9 vehicles from that respective Dealer. After spending Reputation to research a "Tier 9 Unlock" upgrade in the Tier 8 vehicle's upgrade tree, players will be presented with an interface that allows them to select any available Tier 9 vehicle in the same Dealer.


The Tier 9 unlock upgrade can only be researched once per Tier 8 vehicle. After unlocking the Tier 9 vehicle, it must still be purchased with credits as usual. The advantage of this system is that Tier 9 progression is not bound to particular branches or groups of branches, it will for example be possible to unlock an AFV by collecting reputation on a Tier 8 Main Battle Tank of the same Dealer.

Please note:

  • It will not be possible to unlock regular Tier 9 vehicles from Tier 8 artillery. When Tier 9 self-propelled guns are introduced in the future, it will only be possible to unlock them from Tier 8 artillery vehicles. This decision was taken to reflect the drastically different gameplay of the SPG class compared to the other classes in the game.
  • Vehicle lines which currently end with a Tier 7 vehicle will have Tier 9 Unlock upgrade. Tier 9 Unlock upgrades on Tier 7 vehicles will have an increased Reputation cost to balance the ability of a Tier 7 vehicle to jump directly to a Tier 9.

We are looking forward to your feedback and will be seeing you on the battlefield!

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