Introducing the "Storm" Tournament

Introducing the player-driven May tournament called "The Storm" that will take place on the European server! Assemble a team and join the battles to win pretty cool prizes!

The Storm

Tournament date: Two Day Event May 7th and 8th CEST
Tournament mode: PvP
Tournament format: 7 vs 7 (3 in Reserve), "Best of Three" Double Elimination
Tournament map: Pipelines, Ghost Field, Lost Island, River Point (Encounter Mode)
Maximum tier: Tier 6 only (no class restrictions)
Server: European (North American server players welcome)
Prizes for the winning teams:

  • First Place: WZ-1224 + 1500 Gold + 4 Weeks Premium
  • Second Place: BWP-1M Puma + 1000 Gold + 2 Weeks Premium
  • Third Place: Chieftain Mk6 + 500 Gold + 1 Week Premium

Teams can sign up on the Armored Warfare Leagues website, for the full list of rules see this post.

Twitter: ArmWarLeagues

We hope you will enjoy this event and will see you on the battlefield!

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