Introducing the new Feedback Hub


We at are dedicated to reading and listening to your opinions and reports regarding all game-related matters, which is why, today, we are introducing a brand new Feedback Hub!


The Feedback Hub features an easy to use interface that allows us to pass your opinions or issue reports to an appropriate developer faster than ever before.

It is available on this address:

Please follow these steps to make sure your feedback reaches its intended destination:

  • Select the correct product (Armored Warfare or Armored Warfare PS4)
  • Select the correct category (Feedback & Suggestions or Bug Report)
  • Select the topic you want to submit your information on
  • Provide your feedback, link to media (for example screenshots or video) and, optionally, your contact information

Make sure that your feedback is brief and on point – it makes it much easier to act upon it!

Please note:

  • The feedback is reviewed directly by the Armored Warfare development team, please use appropriate language
  • There is a 1200 character limit on feedback submissions
  • Bug reports require the inclusion of reproduction steps
  • Evidence (videos, screenshots) always helps

We hope that you will like this new system and, as always:

Thank you for your feedback!

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