Introducing the My.Com Arena


Your favorite games Armored Warfare, Revelation Online, Skyforge, and Warface have been preparing endlessly these last two months for THE EVENT of the season – the Arena!


A player versus player battleground of improbable stakes, irresistible rewards, and competitive surprises, the Arena pits players against each other in a region-wide match-off to see which amongst them possess the mettle and resolve to claw and climb their way over peers and rivals to reach the covetable, and rewarding, Top 100! But fear not – we have plenty of awesome prizes even for those who do not end up amongst the very best.

Between February 8 and February 26, 2018, each game competing in the Arena will hold its own PvP event, and each PvP event will differ from those of other games:

  • Armored Warfare Commanders will be unleashing their full might in an epic 10 versus 10 Global Operations all-out war
  • Skyforge Immortals will compete in a close quarters 3 versus 3, squad versus squad style dispute
  • Heroes of Nuanor will be polishing their boots in preparation for a massive 10 versus 10, horde versus horde style contention
  • Soldiers of Warface will be competing in a 5 versus 5, cluster versus cluster styled shootout

The Arena is poised to be your arena, and give you, the player, your very own outlet during that time of the year when major sporting events take place in real life. Pick your game, pick your Arena, grab some friends and cultivate the competitive edge waiting to be unearthed within you: press Battle and GO!


Where will your competitive edge take you? Which games will you choose? How far do you believe you’ll go? Tell us on Facebook at or on Twitter with the tag #TheMyComArena!

Basic rules

Participating in the Arena is simple:

  • Enlist on the dedicated Web Page
  • Once enlisted, play Global Operations and collect as much Arena Reputation as possible
  • Collecting enough Arena Reputation will allow you to unlock prizes (Arena Reputation is based on standard Reputation without any bonuses such as Boosters or Premium Time)
  • For a Global Operations loss, you will receive the amount of Arena Reputation equal to the amount of standard Reputation earned in that battle
  • For a Global Operations victory, you will receive the amount of Arena Reputation equal to twice the amount of standard Reputation earned in that battle (double)

For more information about the Arena, please visit our dedicated web page.


We’ve prepared a host of amazing prizes for you! For the act of enlisting itself, you will receive a special bonus – 3 days rental of the new BMPT Sapphire Tier 8 Premium Tank Destroyer!

Main Arena prizes include:

  • Gold and Platinum Loot Crates
  • Gold and Platinum Insignia Tokens
  • Platinum quality Booster Tokens
  • Large amounts of consumables

The top ladder prize anyone can obtain is quite unique:

  • 5.000.000 Credits
  • Automatic unlock of all Retrofits regardless of whether you had them unlocked or not

Additionally, we’ve prepared special prizes for the very best of the Arena players:

  • Top 100 players of each server will receive 1 year of Premium Time
  • Top 10 players of each server will receive 1 month rental of all Tier 8 Premium vehicles in the game!

The Top 100 ranking is available on our dedicated web page.

Matchmaking Adjustments

To improve the waiting times and the overall matchmaking experience, we have decided to introduce the following temporary measures that will be active between February 8 and February 26, 2018:

  • Global Operations are now available from Tier 2 to Tier 10
  • Global Operations team size is decreased from 15 players to 10 (with 5 being the lowest possible number)
  • PvP team size is decreased from 15 players to 8
  • Standard PvP mode is now available only on Tier 9 and Tier 10

Vehicle Rental

The Vehicle Rental feature allows you to temporarily gain possession of a vehicle. For more information, please open the FAQ below.

Rental – Frequently Asked Questions (Click to Open)

How does “Rental” work exactly?

First, a notification about reward appears. The vehicle appears in your garage with an hourglass icon on the bottom of the screen, showing the exact number of vehicles remaining to the rental. When the rental period expires, the vehicle becomes blocked. It's still present in your Garage but it's impossible to use in any mode. You can remove any equipment from this vehicle and sell it, but the vehicle itself will not disappear automatically and has to be removed from the Garage manually you by using the “Return” option in its contextual menu, available via right clicking its icon.

I already have the vehicle – what happens when I receive a “rental”?

In this case, absolutely nothing happens. You still have the normal vehicle and no action take place.

Please note that receiving a rental in such a case gives you no additional reward.

Can I sell a rental vehicle?

It's not possible to sell a rental vehicle. You can only "return" it until the rental expires. When returning a rental vehicle, the vehicle disappears from your Garage and you get your invested Credits back for its equipment, retrofits and consumables. Please note, however, that Gold for purchasing permanent camouflage for the vehicle is not refunded.

What happens when I win or receive a vehicle rental for 3 days and then subsequently for 7 days?

The rental time adds up – in this case, the rental period is 10 days.

What happens if I purchase a vehicle (permanently) while having it as a rental?

In this case, the rental status disappears and the vehicle becomes permanently available in the state you have it at that moment (with trained crew, equipped consumables, Retrofits etc.). If you purchase or otherwise obtain a vehicle that you had previously rented but is now present in an “expired” state in your garage, it becomes permanently available in the condition you had the rented vehicle in at the moment of the lock. If you, however, removed any equipment from the vehicle once it became expired, you don’t receive it back automatically.

Show the world what you’re made of and we’ll see you on the battlefield!

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