Introducing Joshua Seagrove


Joshua Seagrove will be the reward commander for Episode 5 “End of the Road” for the players who complete at least two out of the three objectives of this upcoming finale of the Storyline Campaign.


A child of a former British military officer, Joshua Seagrove lived his entire life in the corporate world of Clayburn Industries in England, entering the private Clayburn military branch and earning the rank of Major for his performance in several small-scale conflicts. He is highly intelligent, optimistic and caring, but also somewhat naive in his beliefs. In 2039, after receiving orders to kill civilians, he joined the Seahawk rebellion.

For his full biography, please visit our dedicated article.

During the Storyline Campaign, Joshua Seagrove switched from a Main Battle Tank to a Stryker Fire Support Vehicle, becoming a specialist in long-range combat.


Joshua Seagrove’s Basic Skill is called Practice Run, increasing peak accuracy (where the aim circle is the smallest) by 0.48% per level to a maximum of 19.2% for 10 seconds after dealing damage at 300 meters or more. This makes him extremely suitable for high rate of fire gun tank destroyers or other fire support vehicles.

Joshua Seagrove cares for his men and inspires them by his leadership. The two basic lines of skill progress easily available include the following skills:

  • Tier 1 skill No Deaths, improving crew resilience (four of these 6.3% improvement skills stack to a 25% increase in total)
  • Tier 3 skill Dead Eye, improving Tank Destroyer crew stats (1.5% each, two are available)

But Joshua Seagrove is a firepower enhancing commander first and foremost. To that end, the following Tier 1 and Tier 2 skills are available:

  • Marksman increases peak accuracy (stacking with the basic skill)
  • Striker improves Tank Destroyer aim speed
  • Anti-Materiel Explosives, increasing the damage against modules (up to 36% with all skills of this type unlocked)
  • Giant Killer improves, increasing the damage against crew members
  • Swap increases ammo swap speed

A combination of Anti-Materiel Explosives and Giant Killer skills, while costly skill point-wise, is deadly in combination with ammunition that causes a lot of internal damage such as HESH or PELE rounds.

Joshua Seagrove has several Tier 1 and Tier 2 defensive skills as well, mostly tied to destruction of enemy modules, easily achieved using special rounds.

  • Initiative increases hull traverse after the destruction of an enemy module
  • Thrill increases off-road acceleration after the destruction of an enemy module
  • Fixed position increases vehicle’s camouflage rating when not moving for 5s

The crown jewels of Joshua Seagrove’s skills are the two remaining Tier 3 skills. Unlocking all Joshua Seagrove’s Tier 3 skills is possible, but only by sacrificing four skill points on empty fields, making it a difficult choice indeed.

The Tier 3 skills include:

  • The abovementioned Dead Eye skill, improving Tank Destroyer crew stats (1.5% each, two are available)
  • The Muffler skill, reducing the camouflage penalty from firing the gun (6,3% each, two are available)
  • Deadly Explosives, increasing reload speed for 10 seconds after destroying an enemy module for 10 seconds (2.66% each, two are available)

With the right selection of skills, Joshua Seagrove is absolutely deadly when used in combination with a HESH, HEP or PELE-armed tank destroyer. He is capable of dishing out incredible amounts of module damage at long distances while staying undiscovered. The most suitable vehicles for him include:

  • LAV-300
  • M1128 Stryker
  • Wilk XC8 (especially in combination with PELE rounds)

The mobility skills are more suitable for tracked Tank Destroyers such as the PTZ-89, but it is the wheeled ones where Joshua Seagrove truly shines.

We’ll see you on the battlefield!

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