Introducing the Bonus Weekend


Obsidian Entertainment and would like to thank you for your support both on and off the battlefield. We would like to reward you for it as well as to keep our promise to you - this is why from the 1st of April to the 4th of April, all the players will be able to enjoy 100% Credit and Reputation income bonus - and that is no joke!

Additionally, any players finishing at least one PvP or PvE battle between the 1st of April and the 3rd of April will be awarded on the 4th of April with 3 special event decals - the Tomato, Commander S.Miles and Stealth!


We were thinking long and hard about something truly funny to present you with but we do feel that tanks in space are a bit lame and instead of creating such "fun" modes, the developers could be spending their time implementing something far more useful. And since we are thoroughly unfunny people, we decided to skip the April 1st event this year.

See you on the battlefield!

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