Introducing the Big Guns Collection

Obsidian Entertainment and are proud to present the Big Guns Collection for players who simply want to have it all!

The Big Guns Collection is our biggest bundle ever – containing not only two of our Collector’s Edition tanks, the MOWAG Taifun II and the RDF Light Tank, but also all the MERC Edition vehicles and the ICE Edition vehicles with unique skins! Celebrate the holiday season with this limited offer and park 12 new tanks in your winter garage!


The Big Guns Collection is available between the 22nd of December and the 28th of December, 2015 and contains:

  • All the ICE Edition vehicles (Leopard 2AV, T-72, M60A3, OF-40, Object 430)
  • All the MERC Edition vehicles (VFM 5, MBT-70, AMX 10P PAC 90, LAV 150 90, Zhalo-S)
  • The RDF/LT and Taifun II vehicles from Collector's Edition

Please note that the ICE and MERC Edition vehicles have level 5 crews as a part of the offer, while the RDF/LT and Taifun II vehicles have level 1 crews. The value of any vehicles purchased from this bundle that the player already owns will be compensated in gold.

Price: 89 EUR (99 USD)

Click here to purchase!


Other offers currently available:

Events currently running:

  • Get your free Type 59 MBT holiday present simply by logging in to Armored Warfare!
  • Enjoy the extra 200 percent bonus to the first victory of the day!

More interesting events and discounts are coming soon, see you on the battlefield!

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