Introducing the Battalion Night

We are back with the next edition of our “Battalon Night” event, during which players are invited to join our official TeamSpeak (for EU players) and Discord (for NA players) channels and have a chat with the members of the team.

When will the Battalion Night event happen?

This edition will take place on Thursday, the 21st of April starting at 7pm CEST (for EU players) on TeamSpeak, and 6pm PDT (for NA players) on Discord.


To join the official community TeamSpeak server, please download TeamSpeak 3 and add the following bookmark: No password required!

To join the official community Discord server, please use the following Permanent Invite Code:

Who will join the Battalion Night?

The following team members will hop on TeamSpeak and Discord:

  • Freitag (NA Community Manager)
  • Silentstalker (Lead Content Manager)
  • Firo (German Community Manager)
  • MaciekM4a4 (Polish Community Manager)
  • Reira (French Community Manager)

Whether you have a question about the game or a comment for the team, we’d be delighted to have a chat with you! Please note that some staff members may be unavailable until later on, but we will try to set aside enough time for everyone regardless.

Join us for a couple of games!

Throughout the evening we will also be forming platoons and play a couple of games with the members of the community. Stay tuned for a chance to win exclusive prizes, including Premium Time and Chieftain Mk.6 codes!

We look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!

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