Independence Day Special

On the 4th of July 1776, following the end of the American Revolutionary War, the thirteen American colonies ratified the Declaration of Independence, proclaiming themselves subjects of the British Empire no longer.

This act has been celebrated ever since and the United States Independence Day remains one of the most important American holidays.


Independence Day Bonuses

To celebrate the United States Independence Day, we have prepared several bonuses for you in addition to the still-running events, as well as an exclusive bundle!

  • American Flag decal can be purchased with 90% discount until the end of July 4th
  • American Hours - on the 4th of July from 4:30 PM to 9:00 PM PDT for the NA server (18:30 to 23:00 CEST for the EU server), all players will receive a 100% bonus (x2) to Credit income and 400% bonus (x5) to Reputation income
  • Freedom Weekend (still running) - enjoy the 100% bonus to Reputation income on the 4th of July!

Independence Day Bundle

From the 4th of July until the 13th of July 2016, the players will have the opportunity to purchase the Independence Day Bundle with the exclusive XM1 FSED Tier 7 Premium Main Battle Tank!


The XM1 FSED (Full Scale Engineering Development) was a series of 11 XM1 advanced test vehicles by Chrysler, built between 1978 and 1979 with the goal of finalizing the configuration of the M1 and testing it during extensive trials. Its success led to the approval of the first Abrams production series in the May of 1979.

The Independence Day Bundle contains:

  • XM1 FSED Tier 7 Premium Main Battle Tank
  • 30 days of Premium Time
  • 4,000,000 Credits

Price: 10,000 Gold

(Click here to Purchase)

We hope you'll enjoy the bonuses as well as the offer! See you on the battlefield!

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