How to access the Eclipse story


In case you are interested in the Eclipse Battle Path story and are planning to follow it, here’s how you do it. The whole thing is fairly simple to access. Upon receiving the access to the Eclipse Battle Path, click on the Diary button in the lower right corner and... that’s it, you can start reading up right away!


Level 1 of the Battle Path - this is where you start...


...switching to Level 1 diary window opens Entry 1

The cycle is fairly simple. Every time you unlock a new Level, you can read the next entry by opening the Diary window.


Unlocking Level 2...


...unlocks Entry 2 of the Diary

In case you missed out on some older entries, they can be accessed by scrolling down in the Diary window down pressing the Previous Entries button. They’ll appear below the most recent entry.


Note how the list of prizes for each level is there as well

For more information about the world of Armored Warfare, make sure you check out the descriptions of new items for each Level.


Click the image to open a larger version

This includes skins too.


Click the image to open a larger version

We hope that you’ll enjoy the Battle Path that’s coming very soon and, as always:

See you on the battlefield!

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