Holidays Are Coming!


This year’s Christmas season will be full of special contests and events for you to participate in, starting with this special holiday mission. Complete the simple objective and receive the Leopard 2AV ICE Tier 6 Premium Main Battle Tank as well as 2.500 Battle Coins!


To receive this prize, win 20 matches on winter maps between December 9 (0:01 CET) and December 18 (21:59 CET).

List of Winter Maps:

  • PvP: Roughneck
  • PvP: Cold Strike
  • PvP: Salzburg
  • GLOPS: Barren Divide
  • GLOPS: Roughneck
  • PvE: Operation Dire Wolf
  • PvE: Operation Frostbite
  • PvE: Operation Phalanx
  • PvE: Operation Scorpio
  • PvE: Operation Spearhead
  • PvE: Operation Stormy Winter
  • Special Operations: Black Sea Incursion Mission 2
  • Special Operations: Black Sea Incursion Mission 3
  • Special Operations: Black Sea Incursion Mission 4
  • Special Operations: Arabian Nights Mission 4
  • Special Operations: Apocalypse Mission 4 (Death)

Please note:

  • The reward vehicle will be delivered by the end of the event
  • If you have it already, you will receive its price in Battle Coins instead
  • All objectives need to be completed between December 9 (00:01 CET/02:01 MSK) and December 18 (21:59 CET/23:59 MSK), 2022
  • Heroic PvE counts towards the mission

We hope that you will enjoy the mission and, as always:

See you on the battlefield!

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