Historical Skins – Leclerc Glorieux


For the upcoming French Bastille Day holiday, we’re working on another special historical skin called Glorieux.

Unlike the Warhammer, this skin, made for the Leclerc Tier 9 MBT, does refer to one particular vehicle.


The Glorieux (Glorious) was a Tranche 5 Leclerc of the first Series (vehicle number 6974-0036), produced in 1996 and assigned to the 2nd Escadron (Squadron) of the 501e-503e Régiment de chars de combat (501st-503rd Combat Tank Regiment), where it used as a command vehicle under Lieutenant Frédéric Fabre. The tank was deployed to Kosovo during Operation Trident in 1999, where it served with the Kosovo Peacekeeping Force (KFOR). The French were withdrawn from Kosovo in 2002 and the 501st-503rd Combat Tank Regiment, established in 1994, was disbanded in 2009 even though the 501st CTR (to which the Glorieux belonged) still exists.


What makes this tank really interesting is its fairly unique camouflage. French vehicles are rarely individualized, but this tank’s original NATO pattern camouflage (also available in Armored Warfare) was, for the winter of 1999, covered with commercial-grade white paint to better blend in during snowy winters.


Other than that, the tank bears the following markings:

  • KFOR indentification
  • Squad leader chevron
  • French flag
  • The name Glorieux written on the side of its turret, as is common for the French
  • Vehicle weight limit on the lower front plate
  • Vehicle number and unit designation on the lower front plate and in the back

Even though the original French Glorieux wasn’t an AZUR Leclerc, this skin will be available for all Leclerc’s configurations, including the AZUR armor upgrade.

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We hope that you will enjoy this skin as much as we enjoyed creating it for you and, as always:

See you on the battlefield!

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