Historical Camouflages Voting Results


Over the course of the last few weeks, we asked you to submit your favorite historical camouflages and then vote on them and today, we are happy to finally announce the poll results!

The most popular camouflage, by a significant margin, turned out to be the CV90 urban camouflage that was listed in the poll as Swedish. In reality, the CV90 is at the moment a multi-national project and is in use by a considerable number of countries, the biggest user being, of course, Sweden.


The second and third places were all relatively closely tied. The second place belongs to the Japanese winter stripe camouflage. This is a bit tricky choice because upon running some tests, it turns out that this kind of camouflage would not look good on many vehicles. Still, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t appear as a skin on the vehicle that had it in the first place – the Type 90 MBT.


The third place belongs to the Australian Abrams camouflage. For us, this is a pretty good choice as we are working on Abrams historical camouflages already, so we’ll be definitely adding that too.


These camouflages or skins will appear in Armored Warfare in the future – in some cases, very near future. However, that does not mean that other submissions will be ignored either. We are already working on our next batch of historical camouflages that we hope you will enjoy.

See you on the battlefield!

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