Historical Camouflages - France


While we are busy sorting out your submissions for the camouflage pattern submission event, we thought it would be a good idea to officially introduce the next batch of two historical military camouflages – this time, they both come from France.

In reality, it’s pretty much one iconic camouflage with two different layouts that is most famous for its appearance on the Leclerc MBT. It consists of green, brown and black stripes and is available in two variants – one has the edges clearly defined while the other variant has them blurred. Both were observed on the Leclerc MBT, sometimes even on vehicles from the same series.



Like before, these camouflages will be available for all vehicles and environments and will be introduced around the time of the launch of the second half of Francine De Laroche’s branch – which is arriving rather soon!

We hope you will enjoy them and are hard at work on the next set.

Stay tuned and see you on the battlefield!

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