Historical Camouflages - Commonwealth


We’ve prepared another set of historical camouflages, this time from the Commonwealth of Nations.

The Commonwealth of Nations is a political organization consisting mostly of subjects to the former British Empire. There are currently 53 member states, spanning from Canada to Australia, which means their armed forces are expected to fight in practically all conceivable environments. This need gave rise to a large variety of camouflages that these countries use. Today, we’d like to tell you more about the three that are coming to Armored Warfare in the near future.


The first one is a British urban camouflage from the 1980, as seen on the FV101 Scorpion. It generally resembles the famous Berlin Brigade camouflage and consists of rectangles of various colors, but the paint scheme is a bit different here. The rectangle areas are light grey, dark grey and black on green background. This kind of camouflages is generally referred to as a silhouette breaker, making the vehicle harder to spot by disrupting its silhouette rather than making it completely blend into its environment.


The second camouflage is not exactly British per se – instead, it’s an Export jungle camouflage from the early 1990s. It was most notably used on the upgraded Scorpion 90 AFVs that were refitted in Britain with a larger gun and sold off to other countries. This paintjob appeared, for example, on the vehicles intended for Indonesia (which purchased around a hundred in 1995). It consists of dark green, light green, brown and black vertical stripes that make the vehicle very hard to spot in a jungle environment.


The third camouflage is Australian as seen on the Leopards and Abrams tanks in the 1990s. It is roughly similar to the already introduced Australian Bush camouflage, consisting of green, yellow and black spots. However, on this one, the colors are more pronounced.

Like before, these camouflages will be available for all vehicles and environments and will soon be available in Armored Warfare. We hope you will enjoy them and are hard at work on the next set.

Stay tuned and see you on the battlefield!

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