Halloween Tank-o-Lantern Contest

The time has come to project the power of your Private Military Company – participate in our Creative Contest for Halloween, demonstrate your costume creation or pumpkin carving skills, and get a chance to win Collector’s Editions to celebrate Halloween and the holidays! What’s cool about it – you will choose the winners!

How to Participate

  • It’s easy to participate in this contest – carve a pumpkin with an Armored Warfare theme (logo, tank, whatever floats your boat!), or dress up in an Armored Warfare-related costume! Does your PMC have a uniform? Do you have a tank costume just waiting in the wings? Bonus points if you have an actual tank! (No, seriously, we’ll hook you up if you send us a picture of yourself in a tank!)
  • Remember to include verification that the picture is yours. You can hold a card with your in-game name, or include it next to your pumpkin somehow!
  • To submit your entry, post a reply in the entry thread.

Please note: the submission period ends on November 2nd 2015, 11:00 am CET

Who will the Winners be?

Out of all submissions the community team will pick the 5 best costumes and 5 best pumpkins, and we will give you the choice to vote for the winners on Facebook. During the 3rd and 4th of November, we share a Facebook gallery containing the 10 entries, and you will have the ability to nominate the 3 winners for each category by liking your favorite submissions.

The Prizes

The first place for each category will get the Operation Emperor Collector's Edition bundle!


The second and third places for each category will have the choice between the Operation Typhoon and the Operation Lightning Collector's Edition bundles!


Furthermore, all Finalists (5 Pumpkins and 5 Costumes) will receive a week of premium time!

Please note: By submitting your entry to this "Armored Warfare Creative Contest" you agree to the following conditions:

  • You agree that your creation/content may be published and used by B.V. for promotional purposes.
  • You agree not to submit any content protected by copyright or already published on the Internet.
  • You identify yourself as the author of the creation/content you are submitting, by holding up a note with your in-game name (or propping it up next to the pumpkin). You must include verification that you created the costume or the pumpkin.
  • For images: Any and all image editing tools are allowed to create your submission. Your submission must be .jpg and larger than 1024x768.

We’re very excited about your spooky submissions and wish you good luck. Happy Halloween, scare you on the battlefield!

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