Four Heroes Replay Contest

Introducing the Four Heroes replay contest, organized and sponsored by Rydekk - one of the esteemed Peacekeepers! In this contest, everybody has a shot at being the hero of the story and sharing it with the world!

Four Heroes

The Four Heroes replay contest is a four-part event that lasts from the 25th of July to the 21st of August with players submitting their epic PvP replays in four separate categories:

  • The Swift - AFV Category (7/25/2016 - 8/1/2016)
  • The Bold - LT Category (8/1/2016 - 8/7/2016)
  • The Strong - MBT Category (8/7/2016 - 8/14/2016)
  • The Insane - Freestyle Category (8/14/2016 - 8/21/2016)

Four prominent Youtubers will each take a category and announce the winners of it on their Youtube page. Each contestant must submit his replay to the appropriate submission thread:

  • The Swift submission thread
  • The Bold submission thread (not yet available)
  • The Strong submission thread (not yet available)
  • The Insane submission thread (not yet available)

Please make sure to follow the rules described in the official contest thread, which also contains a guide how to submit the replays and contest timetables.


The winners of each category will receive the following prizes:

  • First Place: Merkava Mk.IID Tier 7 Premium MBT
  • Second Place: 2 weeks of Premium Time
  • Third Place: 1 week of Premium Time
  • Fourth Place: 2 weeks of 50% boost to Reputation and Credit income
  • Fifth Place: 1 week of 50% boost to Reputation and Credit income

Prizes will be distributed after the announcement of the winners of each category.

We hope you will enjoy this contest and will see you on the battlefield!

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