Eclipse Digest #2


In today’s Eclipse update article, we’ll tell you more about the results of the Samuel Thorpe’s Training Session event. Without further ado, here they are.


First, the vehicle results. Without the influence of the Battle Path, the event increased the overall player activity by a noticeable amount (16 percent to be exact) and we’d like to thank you all for your participation!

The vehicles with most increases, in this order, were:

  • Tank Destroyers (here, the M48 GAU-8 saw the biggest single vehicle increase)
  • Light Tanks tied with Armored Fighting Vehicles (with AFVs having the slight advantage)
  • Main Battle Tanks (Strv 2000 saw the biggest increase here)
  • Self-Propelled Guns

So what does this mean for Samuel Thorpe as a Commander? In short, a combination of autocannon and ATGM skills – a BMPT commander, if you will, essentially confirming the earlier Perihelion choice.

As for the winners, here they are:

PvP winrate (EU) (Click to Open)

  1. aballe (73,04%)
  2. KILLERUKRAINA (69,17%)
  3. MateoPL_Live (62,96%)
  4. cebek (60,74%)
  5. zupermanneke (58,82%)

PvP winrate (RU) (Click to Open)

  1. sleipnir8 (73,94%)
  2. DedParhoM (71,11%)
  3. BpeM9I_TallluTb (70,93%)
  4. раздуплятор125 (70,81%)
  5. тимера (69,89%)

PvE matches (EU) (Click to Open)

  1. Orion_Warrior (558 matches)
  2. xdragonx (492 matches)
  3. MikesVienna (473 matches)
  4. Durty_612 (426 matches)
  5. Tomi23st (423 matches)

PvE matches (RU) (Click to Open)

  1. TulZar (687 matches)
  2. SpeedRunner (664 matches)
  3. SERGEY8162 (634 matches)
  4. Седой-63 (604 matches)
  5. R_A_D_O_N_75 (600 matches)

Random picks (EU and RU) (Click to Open)

  1. Staufener
  2. Sagaller
  3. KillBrut
  4. Лёха-Штырь
  5. ВхламНАведре
  6. барс-64
  7. kol0bok-101
  8. Guardian-M
  9. jez1304
  10. ISTANA

The winners will receive their prizes soon!

We’re also working on another batch of fixes and improvements to the current Battle Path and should be deploy it in the foreseeable future. Stay tuned and, as always:

See you on the battlefield!

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