Early Access 2 goes live!

Today - the 10th of June - marks the start of the second round of the Armored Warfare Early Access testing! Join us on the battlefields of Armored Warfare as

  • the European servers go live at 17:00 CEST
  • the North American servers go live at 19:00 ET


The Early Access testing will have the following schedule:

EU Server: 5pm - 9pm CEST on weekdays 4pm - 10pm CEST on weekends

NA Server: 7pm – 11pm ET on weekdays 6pm – midnight ET on weekends

You can learn about the Early Access 2 in a dedicated article and download the client from our website:


In the meantime - why not look at some infographics from the previous Early Access round? How many matches were played? How many vehicles were destroyed? Find out in our Early Access Test 1 summary!


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