In Development: M48 and Object 155

We are pleased to show you the very first screenshots of the M48 Patton and Object 155 main battle tank models we are developing for the game.

M48 Patton and Object 155

The M48 Patton is one of the best-known American main battle tanks that served in many militaries all across the world for more than 40 years and some heavily modified versions of this tank are still in service today - 45 tons of uncompromising American firepower.



The Object 155 is a T-55 prototype. Featuring several upgrades over the older T-54 model (including an improved engine and NBC protection), the Object 155 was built in 1957 in Nizhny Tagil and was tested between 1957 and 1958. Sloped armor, round cast turret and the Soviet 100mm D-10T gun are the hallmarks of this design.



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