In Development: Improved Transmission


One of the things we wrote earlier that we’d do was to introduce additional progression elements to existing vehicles the way we tested it on the French line and on the ZUBR PSP Premium Tank Destroyer. Today, we’d like to tell you more about the Improved Transmission module we are preparing for the Light Tank class.


Simply put, the owners of high-Tier Light Tank will have the opportunity to unlock another upgrade module called Improved Transmission.

Once unlocked, this upgrade will enhance the vehicle’s maximum speed. The following tanks will have access to it:

  • PL-01
  • K-21 XC8
  • WPB Anders
  • M8 Thunderbolt II
  • VT-5 (Premium)
  • M8 Thunderbolt II Hades (Premium)

The module will cost XP to unlock and Credits to install (no achievements needed), but here’s the really interesting part – once unlocked, it will become unlocked for all the vehicles that have access to it. In other words, you only need to unlock it once. It’s worth noting that the Premium vehicles will have it unlocked and installed by default.

This way, dedicated Light Tank players will have the opportunity to enhance the performance of their favored vehicles a bit further.

Do you like this approach? Let us know on Discord!

But for now – see you on the battlefield!

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