In Development: Battalion Competitive Mode


One of the more common community questions is that of battalion activities, such as what happened to the Lords of War mode or about the introduction of a map-based “Clan Wars” style mode.

We’d like to assure you that we do have several plans to introduce more organized gameplay modes and elements to Armored Warfare.


First and foremost, there’s the Ranked Battles mode. Update 0.23 brought a trial season that gave us many important and valuable insights and allowed us to collect your feedback on this mode in order to improve upon it.

Updates 0.24 and 0.25 will mark the appearance of the first actual season of Ranked Battles with multiple improvements as well as cool prizes.

But, more importantly, in Update 0.26 (planned roughly for the summer of 2018), we are going to introduce the first (trial) season of a new end-game Battalion mode.

While we are not ready yet to talk more about its mechanics, we can say that we are working hard for the mode to meet the following criteria:

  • It has to be available for both small and large (powerful) Battalions
  • It has to feature both the opportunity for individual Battalion members to participate as well as the possibility of organized Battalion versus Battalion clashes without any random participants
  • It has to support Battalion politics, Battalion economy and Battalion diplomacy
  • Standoffs (long periods of inactivity or “camping on resources”) are to be avoided
  • The mode has to be easy to understand, simple to participate in and well-polished
  • Its rewards must be adequate to the effort invested by players

This mode will be a new mode, not a new iteration of previously announced or tested features, which brings us to the fate map-based Battalion Wars and the Lords of War mode. After several rounds of thorough analysis, we’ve decided that neither of these modes fits the abovementioned criteria.

Apart from being underdeveloped, the Lords of War mode is far too random for Battalion teams to enjoy. Battalion diplomacy had no effect in it and that’s something we’d like to look more into. On the Russian server, we’ve also tested a very raw version of a map-based mode we called “Battalion Wars” but it quickly turned out that the mode suffered from the same issues as analogical modes suffer from in other games:

  • It was too narrow profile and only the biggest Battalions could effectively participate
  • It was difficult to participate in due to its web-based interface
  • It was possible for a season to deteriorate into long periods of inactivity (“camping”)

As a result, it was decided that both modes would be cancelled.

As for the new upcoming mode, we’ll tell you more when we’re closer to its introduction.

We’ll see you on the battlefield!

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