In Development: Al Dabbah Map


It’s been a while since we added a new PvP map, hasn’t it? With the changes introduced as a part of Update 0.33, we thought we’d give your newly rebalanced vehicles a little bit of room to stretch their legs. Welcome to the Al Dabbah map!

War has once again come to Sudan as multiple mercenary forces attempt to seize control of one of the last remaining large-scale solar power stations in the world – the Al Dabbah plant.


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This cutting edge facility uses technologies that are no longer available. Producing enough power for the entire region as well as being located on the river Nile, it is not only essential, but also irreplaceable. Many corporations are aware of that and the battles for this plant are expected to be exceptionally fierce.


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The Al Dabbah desert map is very large and split into three parts by the river Nile to the south-east and an artificial channel to the north-west, each crossable relatively with ease. There are two banks and the plant itself, located in the middle. Both banks are fairly open with the only cover provided by the rolling dunes of Sahara along with some smaller villages.


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The map will be available in two Random Battles types – Standard and Encounter.

In the Standard mode, one team will start in the southwest and another one in the south-east. Each side has a fairly open killing field at its disposal in order to defend your base properly. Each base is flanked by two elevated positions ideal for defending Tank Destroyers to settle in. However, these positions are fairly extended from the base itself, so switching between those on the fly is not really an option.


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MBTs will have the options either to flank the power plant, , which could lead to their exposure or, alternatively, to short-range combat in the center of the plant. Either flank will allow them to approach the enemy base with some light cover, but it is not advised because the TDs watching over each base may pick them off if they’re not careful. The exposed flanks are best left to fast vehicles such as LTs and AFVs, which are able to cover long distances using their high maximum speeds.


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However, surrendering the central base and focusing on flanking attacks is not really an option because the plant offers an excellent vantage point, controlling much of the flanking routes, the defensive TD positions and, worst of all, allowing the enemy to fire almost into your own base.


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In the Encounter mode, there’s only one base that is located right under the central base to the south-east. Furious combat for the base itself and for the power-plant awaits you here as both you and the enemies attempt to take the base as quickly as possible.


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Highly mobile warfare is the key to success here – if you manage to flank your opponents, your victory is all but assured.

We hope that you will enjoy the map and, as always:

See you on the battlefield!

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