Developer Week, Test Extension

Welcome to the week dedicated to Armored Warfare development! In the following days, the developers will talk about several aspects of Armored Warfare the players wanted to know about and will unveil the future of the game development even further. Following topics will be discussed:

  • Retrofit system
  • Camouflage and visibility system (ideas for the future)
  • Developer Q&A
  • Developer Digest

And more! We are looking forward to your feedback on these ideas and your further suggestions!


Furthermore: In order to allow players more time to test the Early Access 3 vehicles, maps and features, Obsidian Entertainment and have decided to extend the Early Access 3 testing phase to 26th of July, 2015. To improve the Armored Warfare experience, we have also deployed a patch that will fix the following issues:

  • Fixed issues related to failed matches and crashes
  • Fixed potential PVE gameserver crashes
  • Updates to improve and log the issue where players are returned to garage when a battle starts while their vehicle is listed as "in battle"
  • Added additional logging for broken vehicle silhouette bug

We are aware of the existing issues existing in the Early Access 3 phase. Rest assured that we are doing our utmost to correct them as soon as possible. In order to do that however, we do need as much feedback as possible. Please, do share your opinions and suggestions on our forums - the developers are constantly parsing through them to bring you the best experience possible. Your opinion matters!

See you on the battlefield!

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