Developer Update: Battle Coins Expiration


One of the most common questions posed to our Community Managers is that of what becomes of leftover Age of Rage Battle Coins.


As was stated in the initial Age of Rage Battle Path FAQ, Battle Coins will not carry over to the next Battle Path campaign. This rule has two exceptions that will remain available for the next Battle Path:

  • The 15.000 Battle Coin bundles that drop from the Elite Loot Crates, available as Level 51-60 rewards
  • Battle Coin Boost tokens

All other Battle Path progress elements will get a reset at the end of this Battle Path. Therefore:

Please make sure you spend your remaining Battle Coins before the end of the Age of Rage Battle Path (September 30, 2019)!

The exact remaining time is shown on the main Age of Rage Battle Path screen in your Garage.

We hope that you enjoyed this Battle Path campaign and, as always:

See you on the battlefield!

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