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Question: Will the terrain influence the way a tank moves? Answer: Yes. Terrain in Armored Warfare is separated into three categories:

  • Paved roads (asphalt/paved/concrete)
  • Off-road terrain (hard, soft, grass)
  • Muddy and difficult terrain

For the purpose of the movement calculations, vehicles are split into several categories as well:

  • AFV (tracked)
  • AFV (wheeled)
  • TD (tracked)
  • TD (wheeled)
  • Light tanks
  • MBT’s
  • SPG’s

Each type of terrain interacts a bit differently with each class and influences three main movement parameters – top speed, acceleration and traverse – by giving each of the categories listed above either a certain modifier. Sometimes terrain even gives a bonus to movement: for example the wheeled AFV’s move even faster on paved roads while the tracked AFV’s are doing very well in rough terrain compared to other classes.

Question: Are you planning on adding more wheeled vehicles like a Humvee? Answer: Yes, many more vehicles are planned.


Question: Will there be artillery with autoloaders? Answer: We are testing such variant. Our first concern however is to introduce a fun and well-balanced element. Should this mechanism prove unsuitable for the SPG class, we will not insist on having it in the game.

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