Developer Q&A - Session 19


Welcome to the newest Q&A Session where developers are answering questions posed by players.


Are you planning to add more skirmish maps since most of the PvP battles on EU and NA are skirmishes?

Not at the moment but we’ll look into the question.

Before Update 0.19, the developers were talking about a “Survival” mode where players would fight endless waves of enemy AI opponents. What became of it?

It’s not planned for the near future, but we are planning something a bit different but equally interesting – a special hardcore PvE mode for battalions as a part of battalion contracts. More on that later.

What are you plans for the standard PvE mode?

We haven’t forgotten about it, we are considering what direction to take with it.

Will you add a visual effect where vehicles eject empty shells after firing?

Not for the foreseeable future – such a feature would require a lot of resources to develop, more than it’s currently worth.

Will you add a different special hot air visual effect for summer and winter maps?


Can you make shell impacts more visible? We’d like to see the hits better.

This is something we are focusing on in the last few updates as well as in the upcoming ones. We increased the penetration decal size and fixed a number of issues that caused these decals to not appear correctly. We are also running experiments with a new penetration decal system that are, thanks to their new animations, much more visible.

Have you thought of introducing a team battle mode (companies)?

Yes – it will be coming this year with brand new cool rewards.

How come the helicopters in the Special Operations mode cannot be shot down?

It’s a known bug that we are working on fixing.

Are you planning on adding voice commands for the Garage?


Are you planning on adding VR goggles support to Armored Warfare?


Are you planning to finish the T-80 branch by adding higher Tiers to it?

Not for the near future – right now, we are focusing on the Israelis and the French.

Will you introduce Leopard 2 Revolution?


Will you introduce more vehicles with unguided missiles like the Soviet Gadyuka Terminator predecessor?

We are considering that question.

Will you add more missiles to the Kornet-EM AFV so that it becomes more viable in PvE?

We are looking into that but haven’t decided yet.

Are you planning to buff the turret armor of the Challenger 1 FALCON? It’s very thin.

This vehicle’s turret is unmanned (or, more specifically, low profile), which means that in the game it receives reduced damage. Adding more armor to it would make it imbalanced.

Are you planning on adding Battalion versus Battalion organized battle content?

Yes, it will be coming this year with cool rewards.

Is the in-game report system working? Can we use it to report players?

Yes, although it’s worth noting that a report doesn’t automatically equal to a punishment – for example, we have measures that make sure that make sure a whole battalion cannot just frivolously report the members of another rival battalion.

There are vehicles in the game that are based on older models of real-life tanks that got improved in the meanwhile. For example, the T-72B3 in the game is based on an older model whereas there’s a real life version that was unveiled after it was introduced to the game, which has better parameters. Will you follow such development and improve the vehicles accordingly?

Generally speaking, no. We may introduce improved versions of existing vehicles as separate models, though.

I had this idea – how about a booster queue? For example, add several boosters to it and they will activate in a sequence.

Sounds interesting. We’ll think about it.

Can you add a single button function (for example, tied to the Q key) of switching between weapons systems for those vehicles that have more than one? For example, press Q once to switch from autocannon to missiles, press Q the second time to switch back etc.

This also sounds interesting and logical. We’ll look into it.

Will you improve the game’s sound effects?

Yes, that’s something we are working on constantly. For example, in the near future, we are planning to improve the sounds of shells hitting your tank, amongst other things.

Will you add infantry to the game in one form or another? For example, infantry carriers such as IFVs would capture points faster etc.

For the next season, we are planning to overhaul the “class features” (such as the AFV target designation and so on) as a whole. That being said, we are working on a new feature especially for those AFVs that carry infantry in real life.

How are you choosing the vehicles that are added to the game?

First and foremost, we are selecting the vehicles based on the needs of the dealer they go to – especially when the dealer has some sort of “topic” (like the light vehicles for Oscar Faraday). It takes 3 to 6 months to create a full model and roughly 1-2 weeks to test the vehicle in the game.

Isn’t the Special Operations Hardcore mode for high tiers too difficult?

It’s true that upon their introduction, the Black Sea Incursions Hardcore missions were quite difficult with the average mission winrate being around 10 percent. Since the balance fixes that we introduced in the first major hotfix, it rose to 25 percent, which is quite okay in our eyes. The missions are supposed to be difficult and do require at least basic cooperation and teamplay. If you’re not playing in a platoon (which this difficulty is generally intended for), you should at least take a few seconds at the beginning of each battle to take or assign your roles.

That’s it for today! We’ll see you on the battlefield!

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