Developer Q&A - Session 11

Welcome to the newest Q&A Session where developers are answering questions posed by players.


Are you planning to do something with the constant immobilization by losing tracks? My tracks get destroyed, I repair them using a consumable and they get immediately destroyed again. It is very frustrating.

We are planning to improve the usefulness of the retrofits that improve track durability so that players can configure their vehicles to become better protected from immobilization. Furthermore, some vehicles (depending on the type of transmission they use) will receive better protected or faster-repairing tracks. We do consider immobilization to be an important gameplay element but we are also planning to introduce more variety when it comes to it.

Do you have any plans to improve the shell explosion physics model so that there is more debris upon impact or parts of tanks get ripped off with a HE explosion?

This is something we've looked into already, but such changes have considerable impact on FPS (they lower the game's performance by a lot), which is why we decided to first focus on improving the quality of models themselves as well as on better optimization.

Why did you nerf the PL-01? It can't even escape from the Armata right now, that doesn't feel right. Do you have plans to return the Light Tank special ability to it – the acceleration boost?

Statistically, the PL-01 is doing fine. Its good results are based on its very good camouflage factor even on the move and when firing (these high values are in the game to imitate the effect of its thermal camouflage system). It is also fast and maneuverable, although not exceptionally so because it has a lower power-to-weight rating than the M8.

PvE mode feels like it has very few maps now. What happened?

We temporarily disabled four maps (which are approximately 10 percent of the total amount of PvE missions in the game) due to outstanding bugs. We'll fix them and return them to the game as soon as possible. Additionally, the upcoming updates will have new PvE missions as well.

In Update 0.20, the UI font size became smaller. Will you fix the UI so that we don't have to play with a microscope?

We will improve the readability of the game texts in Update 0.21.

What's up with the T-90MS side armor? It's practically impenetrable regardless of the penetration indicator color.

The T-90MS as well as several other tanks (including, for example, Challenger 1 with upgraded armor kit) have bugged (excessively powerful) side spaced armor and ERA. This will be fixed in one of the upcoming patches – the side screens will still provide protection, but not as much.

Will you introduce such cool stuff as walking tanks, like the one that was in the Ghost in the Shell movie?

For the basic game modes, we are sticking to the rule that the vehicles in them either have to be built or they have to use developed or built technologies (such is usually the case of Tier 10 prototypes). But it is possible that special modes with unusual vehicles will appear in the future. For now, we are focusing on the core game.

When will the information about the number of owned and displayed vehicles return to the garage?

In one of the upcoming updates.

Would it be possible to add an additional PvE consumable slot for a consumable that only refills your ammunition? The existing PvE consumables also repair the tank which is often not needed.

Not a bad idea but we currently have only one slot available for PvE consumables. We'll think about how to make it happen.

Currently, the ATMGs and HE shells often deal no damage even to light vehicles such as Light Tanks, even when firing at point-blank range. Will you do something about it?

Update 0.21 will bring multiple shell mechanism changes. Shells will become more realistic and easier to use. Fewer hits will end up doing zero damage and HE shell damage (including autocannon HE shells) will become more reliable. Details will be disclosed in a separate article.

Will you remove the spotted enemy render distance cap for the artillery class? The way it is now, our teammates are spotting enemies but we can't see them (with the exception of a minimap icon) because they are too far.

You're right; the limit shouldn't be active for artillery class. We'll fix it in one of the upcoming updates.

Will you rework the lighting on the Highwall and Frontline maps in the Encounter mode? The maps are dark by themselves and additional effects such as dust or smoke reduce the visibility further.

Frontline will be completely overhauled. There will be many improvements, including lighting.

Will you improve platoon matchmaking? Right now, three man platoons can end up in battles where the opposing side doesn't have platoons of their own.

Yes, in the near future we'll adjust the Matchmaker to put platoons together more often, which will make such cases significantly rarer.

Will you fix the T-series armor? Right now it feels like it's made of paper.

We'd like to keep the armor realistic to at least a certain degree. In other words, tanks with poor armor in real life will not become completely impenetrable in the game. Poorly armored tanks will have their playability improved by other means, such as more powerful shells, better agility or maximum speed or low reload times. The T-series tanks right now have some of the most powerful shells of their respective tiers and in one of the upcoming updates, the T-90A and T-90MS will receive higher rate of fire. Further away are the plans to make the T-series more mobile, to make it perform better in off-road terrain and to make it stealthier.

That's it for today! Got questions for the developers? Please submit them on the forums!

We'll see you on the battlefield!

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