Developer Q&A with Richard Taylor

We are pleased to announce that Richard Taylor, chief developer of Armored Warfare, answered some of the community questions - find out about the past and the future of Armored Warfare development!


  • One of the impulses for Obsidian to start working on Armored Warfare was the desire to branch out from the traditional 60 USD price range RPG's that they've been making in the past, another was the impulse to explore to free to play model
  • Many developers joined the Armored Warfare project from games like Call of Duty and other high-profile FPS's as well as other AAA games
  • More story and RPG elements will be introduced into the game in general, there are ideas to develop this aspect further
  • Some of the developers are huge tank enthusiasts and former servicemen
  • According to Richard Taylor, there is absolutely no "national bias" in Armored Warfare, vehicles are balanced strictly based on their intended role and the performance in the game
  • In the historical realism versus gameplay, Obsidian on one hand wants the players to feel immersed in battles and wants to have all the visual and acoustic battle details represented accurately, on the other hand however the game should be first and foremost fun to play and some of the realistic elements were rebalanced in favor of gameplay
  • Obsidian Entertainment will continue to add differences between various classes by the means of balance and adding new mechanisms
  • For Obsidian Entertainment, the free to play monetization must not include pay to win elements, instead it will be focused on the acceleration of player progress and customization
  • The game will not be optimized only for low computers but there will be eventually features for high end machines as well - for example realistic tree destruction, improved destruction of other objects in the game
  • There are plans to introduce weather effects and better environmental interaction: mud or snow will build up on the vehicle making it progressively more dirty as it wades through muddy or snowy areas
  • New, improved render system is in development that will vastly improve the game visuals (especially various types of surfaces)
  • So far Obsidian Entertainment is happy with the way PvE is going but there's a lot more to introduce. The early reception however was extremely good
  • Additional story elements will be introduced by the means of PvE battles (using various scripted events and other means)
  • PvE is equally as important as PvP when it comes to development, the idea is for the players to be able to switch between both modes
  • When introducing new vehicles, Obsidian Entertainment - instead of picking one vehicle from many nations - concentrated on a few areas to start with, starting with the USA, Russia, United Kingdom and Germany. From these foundations Obsidian will branch out to Eastern-European nations (Poland, Czech and Slovak Republic), France, Asian nations, South American nations etc.
  • Obsidian also wants to cover multiple versions of many tanks that can be introduced over the span of several tiers (T-72 variants being one of the examples)
  • One of the major focuses for next several updates will be customization, it will start with decals but it will be expanded: players will be able to configure how worn their tank looks for example

Stay tuned for more answers on the questions from the European and North American communities and see you on the battlefield during the Stress Test!

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