Developer Q&A

What's new in the world of Armored Warfare development? Find out about the upcoming features in this summary and have a nice weekend!

  • Matchmaking will be improved and reworked for all the classes in the game. Obsidian has several ideas how to do that, especially for artillery. They will be unveiled once the developers decide what to do
  • Developers are planning to improve the garage interface and to show a number of “hidden” parameters that are present in the game but cannot be seen normally. For example, each engine has its own hidden horsepower and acceleration curve parameters that will in the future be displayed. Another such case would be the chance of an engine to catch on fire, that too will appear
  • Developers are considering allowing players to change their in-game nicknames, no actual ETA available yet
  • Developers are continuously working on FPS increases and map optimization – this has the highest priority. Map loading times come second.
  • Developers are planning to develop the PvE mode further by improving the existing maps for better gameplay and by introducing new goals and mechanisms. There are also plans to introduce longer goals that will take longer than just one mission to accomplish. The developers also want to return the “Insane” mode once they are sure that the rewards correspond to the player effort when playing it


  • There are plans to introduce more one-player tutorial maps. The developers however do not plan regular mode for 2-4 players, which has a number of reasons. One of the main reasons is that the smaller the team, the more trouble it causes when one of the players goes AFK or has some kind of issues. Second reason for that is technical – the smaller the team, the more such mode stresses the servers. This can be neglected in case of the tutorial, but not for regular missions
  • One of the features the future maps will bring is multi-objective missions. Players will be randomly assigned with certain objectives (with different gameplay requirements each), these objectives will have to be completed in order to finish the mission
  • Developers are now focusing on the improvement of garage UI, improved battle UI including alternative aiming reticles will come later
  • The issue where only friends can be added to a platoon will be fixed, it will be possible to platoon with non-friends as well
  • It will in the future be possible to upgrade the base over tier 5. Bases above tier 5 will be able to produce consumable boosts (for example + 50 percent of reputation for one battle), this system will be likely introduced with the loot system
  • Developers are planning to improve the ramming system further: currently, the speed, angle, armor thickness and vehicle weight calculations are already working correctly, but the developers are intentionally leaving the ramming damage low for now in order to fix the remaining issues

See you on the battlefield!

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