Developer Friday - 1/15/2016

Welcome to another issue of the Developer Friday series. Here is another set of the answers on the community questions the developers have provided!


Developer answers

  • Obsidian is currently not considering an overhaul of the module system as a whole. The differences the modules introduce to the vehicles are significant enough – in some cases, upgrading a gun for example leads to a considerable change of play style because the gun lacks a certain type of shell that was previously available
  • Two module types that draw a lot of player attention are engines (some players feel there’s not enough difference to warrant their unlocking) and things like smoke grenade launchers that are there to help in situations where some vehicles don’t have enough historical upgrades. The first is currently being looked into, the latter will be reviewed after Obsidian introduces additional progression elements such as the Trophy system
  • Improved object and vehicle destruction effects will be introduced after the game’s optimization has been sufficiently improved
  • The Developers will introduce a vehicle’s reason for destruction (for example ammo rack explosion) to post-battle statistics
  • Regarding the “night battle mode”, in early stages of Armored Warfare development, Obsidian experimented with a thermal vision mode. It turned out to be confusing and monotonous, that is why it was not introduced and won’t be in near future. We might review this question after some time
  • For now the visual camouflage won’t work on special skinned (ICE, MERC for example) vehicles. The developers are considering adding this option in the future
  • Not counting alternative garages such as the recent Holiday edition, customizable garages will not be coming soon, but it is something they are looking into. However, the developers are considering introducing slots to garages where players could put their Trophies
  • Update 0.13 will bring the long awaited Matchmaking 2.0 improvements
  • The developers are planning to overhaul the rewards for AFK players in order to remove the viability of such a behavior. The same overhaul might include reward reductions for poor players or for players who deliberately commit suicide early on in PvP
  • Developers are planning to add a sound signal to go along with the notification that you’ve been spotted by an enemy
  • One of the interesting balance features the developers are considering is armor decay. Vehicles with composite armor might become progressively more damaged after receiving multiple hits to a particular location, creating dynamic weak points. This would help balance higher-tiered MBTs with extremely effective armor nicely. This is however just an idea for now and many questions and technical hurdles must be solved first (for example how to make the system comprehensive to players). For this reason, the developers are not ready to introduce a plan for this feature at this time
  • Adding platoon statistics to the player’s statistic window is planned for the future
  • A server-side aiming reticle is currently being tested for possible implementation in an upcoming patch
  • The developers know about the issues of the T-80 tank and are working on a solution

That's it for today, see you next time!

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