Developer Digest - Pt.16

Welcome to the sixteenth issue of the Developer Digest series - find out more about game development straight from the developers themselves!


The Armored Warfare developers recently answered many player questions during the Fireside Chat event.

Will you introduce self-propelled AA vehicles?
There just aren't that many compelling reasons to add SPAAGs into the game when air targets are not part of the equation. They'd be shoehorned into fighting ground vehicles and there are many more interesting ground-focused vehicles we want before we'd run out of things to add.

Can you explain the "no effect" bug?
"No effect" will show up if you hit a dead tank right after it dies. It's the server saying the target is no longer valid. "No effect" also appears whenever you hit an inert part of a tank which does not pass through its inner-core. Thus you have valid "no effects" intermixed with invalid no effects from the current bug. Update 0.17.2665 should fix this issue.

Can you let us know what happens with the Base in Update 0.18?
After evaluating the current Base implementation and determining that it was not meeting the goals set out, we've decided to remove the current Base implementation from the player garage.

As a result, the following passive bonuses provided by the Base will now be integrated into a player's baseline rewards:

  • Premium Account Time Cost: -5%
  • Credits: 5%
  • Retrofit Cost: -10%
  • Repair Cost: -10%
  • Commander XP: 10%
  • Crew XP: 10%
  • Global Reputation: 50%

With the removal of the Base, players should also notice a decrease in garage load times when first entering the garage and exiting a match.

We decided not to compensate the collected Base materials specifically, but have discussed for example providing an achievement to players who had a base unlocked. It's possible that the base will return in the distant future, but we want it to play differently.

Tell us more about the Proving Grounds feature, coming in Update 0.18!
The map is based on the Russian Alabino proving grounds. On the map you can drive around and there are obstacles and some static targets to test your gun. You will be able to test any vehicle you like on that map. If you own the vehicle, you will be able to test your vehicle module settings. If you do not own the vehicle, you will only be able to test its stock version (you can right click on any vehicle in the tech tree and press the "Test" button).

Are there any plans for vehicle movement improvements?
In Update 0.18, we've updated wheeled vehicle friction so light wheeled vehicles, especially those with only 4 wheels, do not break traction as easily if one or more of their wheels lose contact with the terrain. The end result is that light wheeled vehicles should feel far easier to control, especially over uneven terrain.

In the past, you mentioned that the game is too fast, can you explain?
The time to kill is too short. In addition to that, the mobility of some vehicles will be adjusted – not globally nerfed, some vehicles might even become faster, but we are not interested in having tanks that reach maximum speed in two seconds flat.

Can you tell us about Tank Destroyers in Balance 2.0?
Tank Destroyers will be turned into fire support vehicles. They will still be sniping, but they will also have more armor. We are changing the ERA mechanics so that TDs that have ERA packages will be more viable. They will definitely play better.

What about Retrofits in Balance 2.0?
Retrofits will be less expensive than they are now at higher Tiers and more expensive at lower Tiers. All retrofits are being redone and there will be no slot type, just a universal retrofit slot.

Fireside Chat Summary

  • The first Global Operations map called Desert Crossing is 1.8x1.8 km in size and there are even larger maps coming. It will also be available as a normal PvP map
  • The Global Operations map has dynamic weather – the sandstorm reduces the viewrange of all vehicles
  • The autocannon rebalance in Update 2.0 is not a nerf per se, but the autocannons will play differently
  • There are no plans to make the smoke grenade cooldown longer, the plan is to introduce a "magazine" system to smoke grenades where players will have several charges before long reload
  • The current plan is to move the Centauro 120 to Tier 9 instead of the DRACO. As for the DRACO, current plans are to keep it, but beyond that, its exact fate hasn't been determined. Might be a legacy vehicle for those who already got it, or might be worked into progression still. Not 100% decided.
  • Every vehicle should get a smoke launcher around 0.19. One system that is getting implemented is exhaust smoke – some vehicles will be able to make a ring of smoke around them. In the future, players will also be able to leave a smoke trail behind them, but this feature will be implemented later
  • RDF/LT will have a smoke launcher in Update 0.19
  • Warrior will getting an ATGM launcher in 0.19
  • MBT gun accuracy will be reduced compared to the current state, but the reduction will be partially compensated for by other gameplay elements (like somewhat bigger weakspots)
  • The IS-7 will be part of the 1st Anniversary celebrations
  • The autoloader mechanism is going to be reworked in the future to operate differently
  • For now, there are no plans for realistic building destruction
  • The developers are not currently working on armor degradation, but it might be revisited after Balance 2.0
  • A Matchmaker overhaul will be part of Balance 2.0 in Update 0.19. One of the issues it addresses is the "skipping" of players in the queue
  • Season 1 of Lords of War will launch in Update 0.19 due to the amount of feedback from PTS and many issues will be addressed. There will, for example, be more maps per Conflict Zone. These maps will be known to players
  • There are no plans for now to open a server on the U.S. East Coast, but this might change if the demand is there
  • Several lines were pushed back past Balance 2.0
  • The developers will introduce PvE Survival Mode in the future, in which players will strive to stay alive as long as possible against waves of AI opponents. They will also have the option to use the Global Operations wildcards
  • The Open Beta phase is due to end in 2017
  • Update 0.19 marks the end of the "transition" phase
  • Spotting and Camouflage mechanics will be updated to work better
  • Adding special camouflages as well as other cool stuff to Loot Crates is a long-term goal
  • Shells will have real world velocity values
  • Missiles will pitch (elevate/depress) correctly in Update 0.18
  • The developers plan to rebalance crew and commander skills in Balance 2.0, where they are planning to add more commanders, crew skills etc.
  • Additional tools for Battalion commanders will be implemented in the future
  • There are no plans to introduce custom Battalion decals
  • Obsidian's goal is to eventually have all modern armored vehicles in the game

That's it for today. See you in the next issue!

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