Developer Diary: Naming Changes


We've carefully evaluated the results from multiple internal User Experience tests and gathered a lot of feedback from all the Armored Warfare official communities across the globe. Our aim was to make the game more accessible to new players as well as comprehensible to the current veterans. Today, we are proud to present the fruit of our endeavor!


Previously, many players found the differences between Reputation and Global Reputation confusing. We have considered this piece of feedback and have come up with the following solution – in the last 0.24 Update:

  • Reputation was renamed to Experience
  • Global Reputation was renamed to Reputation

This way, both terms are no longer confusing. Other elements of the Garage User Interface were renamed as well to better reflect their nature:

  • The PvP mode was renamed to Standard Battle
  • The PvE mode was renamed to Mission
  • The Dealer Garage tab was renamed to Vehicles
  • The Barracks Garage tab was renamed to Commanders

In the near future, all the guides that are available on the Armored Warfare website will be overhauled to include these changes.

We’ll see you on the battlefield!

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