Developer Diary: Artillery Overhaul Release


In Update 0.90.10, which also contains numerous Exile Battle Path fixes, we are also releasing a new feature – the long-awaited Artillery Overhaul.


For more details, please check out our previous article but, long story short, we are turning the entire SPG class into a sort of mobile direct-fire vehicles that deal damage by firing high-caliber HE and HEAT shells. With that being said:

  • SPGs will return to PvP
  • SPGs will retain the ability to fire smoke and white phosphorus shells
  • Abbot and Abbot VE were, based on your feedback, included in the overhaul
  • Msta-S (the only high-Tier Premium SPG) will remain as it is now (firing indirectly and being restricted to PvE)

As you probably remember, we have conducted a test of the feature some time ago and have since implemented the results and changes we told you about.

The change is therefore ready to be deployed and we expect the new contract to follow in early 2024 (taking into account the results of this release).

We hope that you’ll enjoy playing the new, overhauled SPGs and, as always:

See you on the battlefield!

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