Contest: Replay & Win

The time has come to show of your skill on the battlefield - participate in our Replay & Win Contest and show your performance by presenting the replay of your best action in Armored Warfare.


In order to participate in this contest, play an exciting, hilarious or simply cool battle with the Replay feature enabled. To enable the Replay feature:

  • Click on the camera icon in the upper right corner of the Garage
  • Press the "Record Matches" button

Create a short video out of the replay and submit it in a reply with a link (or embed) in the discussion thread for this article until the 9th of April 2016.

  • Please note that only videos of actual PvP battles can be submitted as contest entries, videos from PvE matches and Custom matches are not allowed
  • The team composition and player's name has to be visible on the video
  • The video itself can’t be longer than 30 seconds, showing the most exciting parts of the replay is required
  • The replay video then has to be uploaded on a video portal such as YouTube or Vimeo

If you’re looking for software to capture or edit your replays, there are a few that you can download and use for free such as OBS or Shadowplay.

Winners and Prizes

We are going to choose 5 best videos out of all submissions and announce them on Monday the 11th of April in our regular Community Highlight article.

Prizes for the winners:

  • 1st Place: Wolf Pack, Emperor Collector's Edition and BWP-1M Puma
  • 2nd Place: Challenger 1 WOLF, BWP-1M Puma and 7 day 50% Booster
  • 3rd Place: BMD-2 WOLF, BWP-1M Puma and 7 day 50% Booster
  • 4th to 10th Place: BWP-1M Puma and 7 day 50% Booster

Additional Rules

By submitting your entry to this "Armored Warfare Creative Contest" you agree to the following conditions:

  • You agree that your creation/content may be published and used by B.V. for promotional purposes
  • You agree not to submit any content protected by copyright or already published on the Internet
  • You identify yourself as the author of the creation/content you are submitting, presenting your player name somewhere in the video
  • You agree that your creation/content does not contain any material that violates the Armored Warfare and/or Terms of Service

We’re very excited to see your submissions and wish you good luck! See you on the battlefield!

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