Contest: Fireworks


What better way to celebrate the end of the year than with fireworks. Luckily, Armored Warfare can offer plenty of that in an entirely safe manner! All you need to do is record it.


In this contest, we’re asking you to submit a video of in-game fireworks to our dedicated contest channel. Pretty much every in-game explosion counts (ammo-rack explosions, environmental explosions, shell explosions etc.) as long as it looks sufficiently cool on your video!

The authors of top three videos (our pick) will receive 3.000 Battle Coins and the author of the best video will receive:

  • Type 90 Tier 7 Premium MBT
  • Winter Warrior skin for Type 90
  • Snowstorm skin for Type 90

Please note:

  • The contest ends on January 8, 21:59 CET (23:59 MSK)
  • Only one submission per player is allowed
  • Don’t forget to add your nickname to your submission
  • Each submission must have the resolution of 720p or higher (upload it to a file sharing service if the Discord file size restriction is too much
  • Each submission must be at least 5 seconds long
  • If you own the prize vehicle and skins already, you will receive their price in Gold instead

Good luck and see you on the battlefield!

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