Contest: Damage Dealers

As part of Mrs. Wölfli’s operation, we have decided to up the stakes and launch a new contest to spice up your weekend!

Introducing the Damage Dealers contest!

On Friday, February 19th, between 7 and 10pm CET (EU server) and between 6 and 9pm PST (NA server), players can join PvP battles and attempt to deal as much damage as they can in a single match. Nine threads will be created on the Armored Warfare official forums to represent each tier. Take a screenshot of your best match during the aforementioned hours, and post in in the appropriate thread! Please note that the threads will be pre-moderated and as such, once the post is submitted, you will not be able to either see or edit your submission.


Links to participation threads (the threads will be opened on February 19th at 7pm CET):


  • Only PvP matches count. PvE screenshots will not be taken into account
  • Only one submission is allowed per player and per tier
  • Your screenshot must be taken during the event (February 19th, between 7 and 10pm CET or 6 and 9pm PST)
  • Your screenshot must be submitted 1 hour after each server's event ending time at the latest (eg. until 11pm CET for EU and 10pm PST for NA)
  • Any vehicle can be used, the prizes will be divided based on category (Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, etc.)
  • Your screenshot must clearly show the date and your player name
  • The submission must also contain player's server


The player who managed to obtain the biggest damage score in each category will win a Chieftain Mk.6 code! (if you already have this tank, you can replace it for a 3-day premium code). Both servers will be rewarded separately.

Good luck, and see you on the battlefield!

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