Community Interview: Caladine

Caladine is a British Armored Warfare YouTuber and Streamer in the English speaking community and we are delighted that he accepted our invitation for an interview!

Who’s Caladine? Please introduce yourself!

Hi folks, I am a 41 year old male from good old Blighty, also known as England. My real name is Andy and my in-game name is Caladine. I have had this nickname since I first got into PC gaming back in 1999. I also love my Djing, Football, Wrestling and, most notably, armored vehicles.

How and when did you start playing Armored Warfare?

I first got into Armored Warfare when I saw a Mighty Jingles video highlighting Armored Warfare back in 2015. After that, two of my friends from Croatia got back to me asking me to play Armored Warfare PvE together in late 2015 or early 2016. Since then, I have had so much fun in the game and made a lot of good friends through it and also through my streaming.

How has your experience in the Open Beta phase been so far?

It’s been amazing to be fair. There are games similar to Armored Warfare, but this stands out from the crowd by having modern vehicles and mechanics and not forgetting the PvE mode. Everybody should at least give it a chance. I just hope they sort out the power creep within the game soon rather than later.

What are your favorite vehicles and maps in Armored Warfare?

Well, my favorite vehicles in the game are with a little bit of bias towards the English tanks. The VFM Mk.5, the Challenger 1, Swingfire, Zhalo S, Type-69 II, T-64, BMOP Ramka-99 and the PTL02 Assaulter. Regarding PvE, my favorite is the Challenger 2 ADTU. For Global Operations, it’s gotta be the BMP-3M.

What's your most anticipated feature or improvement to Armored Warfare?

I am looking forward to Lords of War, I really enjoyed the PTS when it was up. "Territory Wars" (clan battles) too – hopefully that feature will come at some point in the near future. Balance 2.0 needs to come soon as well, it’s been such a long time since the last patch. With that being said, I do not want the developers to rush it.

How do you like the Armored Warfare community so far?

The Armored Warfare community is more like a family to me. It's been outstanding, everyone is so passionate about the game. I am looking forward to meeting them at Tank Fest in June.

Is there something you would improve?

Is that a loaded question? :) Global Operations need at least 1 to 3 more maps in the coming months to stop the mode from becoming overly repetitive. We also need more wildcards available for the game mode. The stealth bomber is great, but we could do with another big hitter or something like the "Spooky" AC-130 or a strafing run by A-10 tank busters. Regarding PvE, I’d like to see the missions become more challenging, rewarding players for capturing and securing objectives. I hope that the developers also overhaul the loot crate system to include special event vehicle skins, premium time and a small chance of getting a premium vehicles – for example, steel 2%, bronze 4%, silver 6%, gold 8% and platinum 10%. Really looking forward to the story mode, the game needs something to keep players invested in it.

Where can players find your content?

You can watch me:

Last but not least, is there anything you'd like to tell the Armored Warfare players?

Just keep the faith, guys. I know it has been a struggle as of late and it is totally understandable. I have always stated that if you are not enjoying something, take a break and come back more refreshed. Get a few friends together and have some fun in PvE. Keep it real, folks, take care, stay safe and see you on the battlefield!

Regards, Caladine

We hope you've enjoyed this interview and see you on the battlefield!

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