Community Interview: 9TD

In this Community Interview issue, we have interviewed the Czechoslovak 9. Tanková Divize battalion, the largest Czechoslovak battalion of Armored Warfare.

When did you create your battalion and who founded it?

Our battalion was founded approximately in November 2015 by Bojovepleminko. Following its founding, the leadership was transferred to Škodič, who became the historically first commander of the Czechoslovak “9. Tanková Divize” (9th Tank Division) battalion in Armored Warfare.

How did you get your name?

The name was borrowed from an old Czechoslovak World of Tanks clan. Even though Armored Warfare is about modern vehicles first and foremost, the historical name was kept, because the historical 9th Tank Division was founded as a part of the Czechoslovak People’s Army in 1955. It was also known as the Opava Division or the Prague Jan Žižka of Trocnov tank Division. It was active until 1992.

Who is your leader and how does your ranking system work?

Mario909 is the current leader of the battalion. He was given that position by Škodič. Biggpete is the deputy commander. And last but not least, Ace of Hearts is an essential part of our command structure, a battalion diplomat and a very good player, all in one. Beyond that, we don’t have specific ranks in our battalion as that would lead to pointless conflicts. All we have are the commanders. In the future, we are definitely planning to add field commanders, responsible for tactics, combat training and command in the upcoming Battalion modes.

How many of you are in the Battalion?

I have to say, many players stopped playing actively or left the game completely and are waiting for the developers to announce the new direction because the current state does not make the game fun to play. Currently we have 68 active players.

There are no Battalion Wars in Armored Warfare yet, what do you focus your activities on at the moment?

That’s a good question. Many players are missing the team modes because random PvP is very exhausting, borderline unplayable. Our commander, Mario909 decided to take the initiative and started offering training matches with us to other battalions, especially the good, foreign ones. This turned out to be very beneficial for our player skills and our battalion potential. We are also participating in many tournaments and are currently also playing the DPSL (German league).

Will you take part in any future battalion-level content?

That’s something every battalion in the game is waiting for impatiently. Of course we will participate. We are looking forward to it very much, both the community and the game will benefit from it. We hope that it will bring in more active players and battalions because fighting the same people all the time is starting to become boring.

Armored Warfare has battalions and a mercenary story line background, how do like it or relate to it?

I can’t say, not every battalion has a consensus about that. It’s an interesting element of the game based on the amount of work behind it alone, but I fear that in this kind of PvP game, it will be quickly forgotten or pushed aside.

Are you recruiting and if so, what are the requirements?

Yes, we are. The conditions are generally strict and are based on experience and the player rating in the game. Our recruitment thread in Czech can be found here.

Did you have any special moments/experiences in Armored Warfare?

Yes, the daily games from some RSOP battalion players. That’s quite an experience that does test every player’s skills to the limit and even then it’s sometimes not enough. They do have our respect.

What are you offering to your members?

We are offering an awesome albeit slightly crazy team of players. We are also offering the experience from tournaments and training battles against international battalions. Any player from the community can come to us and we will give him advice and teach him all we know. Alternatively, he can join us in a Custom Match to improve his knowledge of the game. Educating the community is important – not only do we discover a number of talented players, but we also have the opportunity to train the players in order for them to become worthy opponents to us. We aren’t saying we’re the best, but we are the most active Czechoslovak battalion and as such we do feel the responsibility for our community. We do have several streamers and youtubers in our ranks, who are also actively trying to spread the knowledge about the game.

Final question: what message do you want to get to other Armored Warfare players and battalions?

Only one thing: “Be kind and respectful to each other”. To all the other battalions and players we are wishing all the best and happy hunting.

We hope you've enjoyed this interview and see you on the battlefield!

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