Community Highlight: WillfulTangent


Today, we'd like to highlight one of our more popular content creators, WillfulTangent. For years, he's been creating excellent Armored Warfare videos on his YouTube channel and he's also streaming the game in his spare time. His recent videos include:

MBT Class Review (his channel features multiple class reviews, all of them well-worth watching)

PL-01 LT Review

OF-40 MBT Review

But that's not all. WillfulTangent will be streaming tonight on YouTube as a part of the Christmas Player Stream series and he'll be giving away bonus codes!

The stream will take place at 20:30 CST (02:30 UTC on December 31, 2020).

If you like WillfulTangent's content, please support him with a subscription to his channel and, as always:

See you on the battlefield!

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