Community Highlight - Pt.74


We are happy to introduce another part of the Community Highlight series, showcasing the contributions of Armored Warfare community members.


Bounty Hunt Results

Last week, you had the opportunity to catch and destroy staff members and moderators in battles during certain times in the PvP and Global Operations modes to win 10 Golden Loot Crates as part of the Bounty Hunt event!

We are happy to report that the event was a success! Here are a few numbers to illustrate:

  • 710 crates are to be distributed

If we take each crate's approximated real life dimensions into account, that's:

  • 30 Star 266 cargo trucks (24 crates per vehicle)
  • 4 C-130 cargo planes (176 crates per vehicle)

Our cargo planes are already revving up on the runway - the crates will be delivered soon to their owners! We are looking forward to the next such opportunity to play with you and will see you on the battlefield!

Community Content - Update 0.21 Content

Update 0.21 "Eye of the Storm" is here with its new content!

Kosmic_K - XM1A3 on NA in Update 0.21

Spitfire - New Tier 10 Tank Destroyer - the Wilk XC8

Capt Canada - Update 0.21 Preview

H3dsh0t - Update 0.21 Vehicle Preview

CMDR_Strayn - Update 0.21 Preview

Armored Warfare Replays - Herr_General in KTO Rosomak (21242 damage and 8 kills in Global Operations)

LightFoot Freddy - M1A1 Abrams on Reactor

That's it for today, looking forward to seeing you on the battlefield! You can submit your community contribution to our dedicated forum section, perhaps it will be your work featured next time!

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