Community Highlight - Pt.64

Happy Easter, commanders!

Welcome to the newest issue of the Community Highlight series, dedicated to the community members of Armored Warfare and their contributions. Find out more about the game and check out the cool community content!


Update 0.19 Coming Soon!

  • The long-awaited Update 0.19 "Tanks Reloaded" is coming on April 20 2017 - read more!
  • We are happy to present the Man O'War Showdown event, coming soon after the introduction of Update 0.19 - read more!
  • Interested in the preliminary Update 0.19 patchnotes? You can view them on our forums!

Community Content

CMDR_Strayn - Mercenary Mayhem: SirGemzol playing the M60A2 "Starship"

Lightfoot Freddy - T-15 HIFV 49k+ damage 17 kills

AusTankie Gaming - Draco Files #7 Kodiak

CrisURace - Cent 155 Proving Grounds Test

That's it for today, looking forward to seeing you on the battlefield! You can submit your community contribution to our dedicated forum section, perhaps it will be your work featured next time!

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