Community Highlight - Pt.2

Welcome to our second issue of the new Community Highlight series, dedicated to the community members of Armored Warfare, their contributions and their interaction with the developers. Find out more about the game, learn something new and check out the cool community content!

Developer Info

An info from the Armored Warfare developers, who answered some of the players' questions for the Russian community:

  • Currently, the players can already convert reputation to global reputation when the vehicle reaches the fully unlocked status (100 percent). There are no plans to change the reputation system but the Interface will be reworked to be more comprehensive
  • Battalion Alliance members will in the future have more options to customize their Alliance
  • There are plans to add sound warnings for various events in the game, such as the spotting indicator
  • Developers are considering the platoon voice chat feature but for now there are no concrete plans to implement it
  • Developers are aware of the issue where the penetration/non-penetration decals are not sometimes working correctly, it will be fixed
  • The option to report players after the battle ends is already in development and will be added in the future
  • Developers are considering the addition of an ultra-low detail mode for very slow computers with most effects removed. Earlier there was actually such a mode developed, but there were many issues with it (invisible obstacles, shell render issues etc.), so before such a mode is re-introduced, the developers have to make sure such a mode is playable
  • Developers are considering ultra-high setting mode as well for the best of PCs, but there are no concrete plans for that yet
  • Currently the "Hard" PvE difficulty is considered too easy with 80-90 percent winrate. There are plans to make it harder for tier 7-8 vehicles (while increasing the reward for successful completion) and then to add the "Insane" difficulty that will be even harder (but with even better rewards)
  • There is a bug in the game that makes a part of the crew and commander skills not activate in battles. This issue will be corrected in 0.11 along with some of the bugged commander and crew skills/perks.
  • In time the developers will add the option for the best player of the losing team to earn a special reward in PvP mode
  • Developers will add more mini-map functions, such as better indication of tanks who are (for example) requesting help
  • Vegetation on the "Narrows" map (as well as some others) will be reworked in 0.11 in order to increase the map performance
  • Developers are planning to introduce more achievements, including some very difficult ones with appropriately large rewards
  • Developers are planning to overhaul the Retrofit system so that the players won't have to play vehicles or classes they don't want to play just to unlock the Retrofit they desire. In the future, there will be multiple ways of obtaining Retrofits (from multiple vehicles and from a "production" system that is not yet implemented). Another variant that is for example considered is to allow the players to select any Retrofit module they want and unlock its Mk.3 variant when the "top" vehicle of the branch the player is using is unlocked (so the player can play whichever branch he or she wants without having to take available Retrofits into account)
  • There are plans for the future to allow the commanders of maximum level to unlock new options
  • Regarding the common series of quick 15:0 losses and victories - the developers are carefully studying the statistics. In the near future, there will be a global Matchmaker mechanism overhaul and further research into this will follow after the result analysis of this change
  • There are plans to introduce the heavy T-15 IFV (Armata chassis)
  • The third Dealer will come in one of the upcoming updates. It will feature Asian and East/North European vehicles
  • There are plans to introduce a "special" Dealer for rare and "modified" vehicles and for vehicles that do not fit into any other branch, which will for example include the K1/K1A1/K2 Korean tanks. Conditions for unlocking of such vehicles are still in development
  • In 0.11, Swingfire will get a buff (reduction of the camouflage penalty for shooting), Challenger 1 will be buffed as well (firepower)
  • The first stage of the customization mechanism will be the introduction of two-step camouflage, where the player can select the pattern and its colors independently
  • Statistically, the worst tanks currently are the T-72A (poor armor), Starship (generally not very effective), Challenger 1 (poor firepower), Leopard 1A5 (underpowered in general), these vehicles will be buffed
  • Statistically, the best tank was the pre-nerf XM1 that was clearly overpowered (even post-nerf it has more than 50 percent winrate) and the M1 and M1A1 Abrams tanks that will receive a slight nerf in 0.11
  • Developers are planning to review the question whether to introduce tier 9 and 10 artillery a bit later and will take both statistics and the player opinion into account. Currently there is no clear answer available
  • Regarding the long Artillery queues, the developers are planning to remove the Commander and Retrofit requirements from artillery vehicles so only players who truly want to play artillery can play it and to improve the Matchmaker mechanism. These two changes should reduce the artillery queues considerably

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