Community Highlight - Pt.11

Welcome to our eleventh issue of the Community Highlight series, dedicated to the community members of Armored Warfare, their contributions and their interaction with the developers. Find out more about the game, learn something new and check out the cool community content!


The planned Update 0.13 release (originally for the 11th of February) was unfortunately postponed due to stability issues. We have however prepared a new event for you to participate in. and Obsidian Entertainment Events

Wölfli's Gold Rush

Wölfli’s Gold Rush event is taking place from the 15th to the 20th of February. Each day during specific hours, you will receive a 400% Reputation and 100% Credit bonus. Additionally, on the 22nd of February, players who participate in this event by playing 5 PvP or PvE battles on one or more days during the event will be rewarded with Gold! Read more in a dedicated article.

But that's not all for this week - another grand event with even more awesome prizes is coming soon! Enjoy the rest of February with Armored Warfare!

Please note:

  • The Light Tank 30% discount ends today
  • The Camouflage 10% discount ends on Wednesday

Community Content

Interested in reading about Armored Warfare in Japanese? This awesome blog is here for you.


RunInUnderpands is showing his skills while driving the Terminator 2 - worth checking out!

Cristina is now streaming Armored Warfare! Check out the highlights of her latest stream!

Interested in learning about Challenger 2 weakspots? Steel Beast Gaming has you covered!

And finally, Reodora decided to join the rank of Armored Warfare streamers as well!

That's it for today, looking forward to seeing you on the battlefield! You can submit your community contribution to our dedicated forum section, perhaps it will be your work featured next time!

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