Community Highlight: HYPE Applications


Even after a year since their introduction, the Commander Skill Builder and the Combat Efficiency Calculator by HYPE remain some of the most popular Armored Warfare community-made applications – and for a good reason!


The Commander Skill Builder is an extremely useful tool, allowing you to test and share various commander configurations in order to see what kind of bonuses you’d get with such a commander in the game. We’ve covered this creation before, but there’s been a major development:

The tool is changing its address to:


The Combat Efficiency Calculator is another useful tool, allowing you to see just how good a player you really are. After entering your account’s data that can be found in the Dossier of the Garage, you will receive your Combat Efficiency score.

This tool is also changing its address to:

Please note, however, that the score provided by the Combat Efficiency Calculator is unofficial and while it may be used by some Battalions for recruitment, it is also a subjective tool only.

Don’t forget to bookmark both new addresses in order to keep using these applications.

Both tools are updated and maintained by the HYPE battalion. You can contact its creators on the official Armored Warfare Discord channels.

We’ll see you on the battlefield!

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